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Smart-Mag® uses a Polymagnet® printer to create multi-pole encoded magnets that contain small magnetic elements called maxels. This techonology can produce superior attachment forces, safer magnets, precision alignment, shear and torque stiffness, and complex, multi-level/multi-force control on a scale that has not been achieved with traditional magnets.

These unique, engineered magnets when used in pairs can leverage the attraction and repel forces of magnetism, exploiting the idea of controlled cancelation or interaction of these forces in space. The arrangement or pattern of magnetic regions (called maxels) creates a unique magnetic circuit that defines the function of the magnetic device and its interaction with other magnets or ferrous metals.

IMI's MagPrinter® uses engineered encoding of polarity patterns into a magnet and can be tailored to meet your specific application requirements, allowing for:

Fun with Smart-Mag® Technology

Smart-Mag® and Max-Attach® is a trademark of Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Polymagnet® is a trademark of Correlated Magnetics Research.