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The MAG-MATE® Group of Industrial Magnetics, Inc. manufactures hundreds of magnetic assemblies and magnetic products for a wide variety of industrial applications using Rare Earth magnets, Ceramic magnets and Electromagnets. Our products have been tested and proven in countless applications and are now available for you to order online, as well as through some of the finest industrial distributors in the world!

Note: For your safety, the holding values of our magnetic assemblies are stated at 50% of their actual value. Industrial Magnetics, Inc. holding or lifting values are stated at useable holding value, not based on ideal conditions. Most of these magnetic assemblies may reach substantially higher holding or lifting values, but surface conditions of the part will affect the magnet performance.

Magnets For Lifting, Moving and Transferring

Manhole & Septic Cover Lift Systems

Retrieving Magnets and Pocket Tools

Holding Magnets & Shop Tools

Magnetic Welding Squares, Grounds & Angles

Tool Storage & Organizers

Cutting Table Tools

Magnets For Capturing Metal In Liquids

Magnetic Assemblies & Fixture Magnets

Raw Magnet Material

Electromagnets & Power Supplies

Magnetizers & Demagnetizers

Magnetic Sweepers For Cleaning

Kant-Twist™ Clamps automotive repair tools

Lift Devices & Accessories Crane Scales

Magnetic Latches/Stops Magnetic Latches and Stops

Automotive Repair Tools automotive repair tools

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