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Magnetic Plant Audit And Survey

Plant Audit Offer Details

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) is offering a free, no obligation Magnet Audit and Plant Survey to companies interested in evaluating their magnetic equipment performance.

A qualified IMI magnet specialist will perform objective and measured strength testing of existing magnetic equipment. Detailed magnet audit and inspection report documents are provided for every piece of magnetic separation equipment inspected. The report documents often include elements such as an Equipment Overview, Action Items, Priorities, Photographic Documentation and more. The reports can be also be used as documentation for plant QA and HAACP.

Our Magnet Audit Specialist can also identify key areas where magnets could enhance operating performance, improve their operating efficiencies, reduce operating costs, purify product or protect processing equipment from metal damages well as provide a comparative and cost analysis for new or upgraded magnetic equipment.

Call us today or fill out the contact form below to begin the Plant Audit process and take advantage of more than 50 years of magnetic equipment experience.

Free Pull Test Kit Offer

FREE Pull Test Kit

With a minimum qualifying purchase resulting from the Free Plant Audit, IMI will provide a Pull Test Kit (a $400 value) at no charge, allowing the customer the ability to self-monitor their magnetic equipment on a regular basis. Contact us with your questions.

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