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Granulator Plate Magnet

Granulator Plate Magnet

Protect your plastic regrind operation from tramp metal contamination with IMI's powerful, Granulator Plate Magnets.

These magnets are designed for easy installation in your granulator's feed tray, and are an economical way to prevent tramp metal from damaging your equipment and contaminating your product.

Features include stainless-steel magnetic poles and housing, all-welded construction, and a low-profile design for smooth product flow over the face of the magnet.

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Granulator Plate Magnets
Part NumberOverall Width (in)Magnet Width (in)Magnet Length (in)
GPM0550 5.5 5.2 6.25
GPM0750 7.5 7.2 6.25
GPM0950 9.5 9.2 6.25
GPM1150 11.5 11.2 6.25
GPM1300 13.0 12.7 6.25
GPM1500 15.0 14.7 6.25
GPM1700 17.0 16.7 6.25
GPM1900 19.0 18.7 6.25
GPM2100 21.0 20.7 6.25
GPM2300 23.0 22.7 6.25

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