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Air Cylinder Sheet Fanners

Air Cylinder Sheet Fanners

Air Actuated Sheet Fanners have an air release system that pulls the magnet inside back away from the face of the fanner, This allows you to easily and safely remove the fanner from the stack.

  • Reduce costs & increase safety for destacking steet sheet stock
  • A powerful, Rare Earth magnetic field automatically separates sheets
  • As the top sheet is removed, the next sheet instantly fans up
  • Assists prying apart sticky, oily, pre-finished or polished sheets
  • Eliminates die-damaging double blanking in automated operations
  • ON/OFF of an electromagnet with the benefit of a permanent magnet
  • Allows for mid-stack change over

Permanent Magnetic Fanners handle steel sheets of almost any length, width or shape. The sheets near the top of the stack seperate instantly from a 3/4" to 1-1/2" gap, depending on sheet thickness and size.

Literature Download: Air Cylinder Sheet Fanners

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Air Actuated Sheet Fanners
Part No. Overall Height (in) Cylinder Height (in) Weight (lbs) Quantity of Air Cylinders
ARF09 9.0 6.00 36 1
ARF12 12.00 6.00 43 1
ARF15 15.00 12.00 60 2
ARF18 18.00 12.00 67 2
ARF21 21.00 12.00 74 2

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