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Plate Magnets - Extended Length

Plate Magnets - Extended Length
Plate Magnets - Extended Length Image 1Plate Magnets - Extended Length Image 2

Plate magnets for long or steep angled applications

Our Extended Length Plate Magnets have been designed with advanced engineering specifically for long or steep angled chutes. The Extended Length model is available in Ceramic and Rare Earth designs, ideal for capturing ferrous metal out of the high-velocity product flow, protecting downstream processing equipment and product purity. This new technology decreases the speed of the flow, allowing for higher capture rates of ferrous material.

For assistance in selecting the most effective magnet for your application, please contact us. All IMI plate magnets feature performance engineering, rugged, welded stainless and steel construction, and use the finest magnet material available.

Plate Magnet Material

Ceramic Magnet Material

Ceramic magnet material is used in Plate Magnets for small to larger ferrous particle separation such as nails, bolts, washers, etc that can cause damage to processing equipment.

Rare Earth Magnet Material

Rare Earth Magnet Material is extremely powerful and used for “fine particle” metal separation such as metal filings, shavings, metal wear residue, work hardened stainless steel, etc., as well as capturing larger tramp metal.


  • Ceramic, Grade 8 Magnet
  • Rare Earth, 52 MGOe Material
  • High Temp 356°F Magnet Available
  • Spout or Exposed Pole face designs
  • Custom designs and mounting
  • Clamping, lifting and counterweight devices
  • Food Grade or Sanitary Finish
  • Wear resistance treatments
  • EZ-Clean or Self-Cleaning models available
  • Replacable face plates

Third Party Certifications

HACCP International

HACCP International Logo

Our Sanitary Grade Plate Magnets are certified by HAACP International and fully conform to HACCP International's Food Safety Standard (0909MAGSEP 1-2010) for direct contact with food product.


USDA AMS Accepted Equipment Logo

Our Sanitary Grade Manual Clean Plate Magnets are USDA AMS accepted Dairy, Meat and Poultry magnetic separator processing equipment.

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