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Battery Lift

Battery Lift

Battery Lift Magnets (BLM) provide the convenience of an Electro Lift Magnet Magnet without the cord and make loading and unloading of thick, non-flexing ferrous parts simple and fast!

Battery lift magnets operate on a self-contained automotive type battery (not included), which results in maximum convenience, portability, versatility and dependability. Since there is no need for external power cords, this lift magnet is ideal for remote locations and can be used with forklift type transports or lift cranes that do not have means of power.

BLM's come complete with built-in chargers and a visible power gauge that shows when the magnet needs charging. This simple lift magnet does not have fancy lights, bells or whistles that can malfunction and cause a dangerous lifting situation.


Literature Download: Battery Lift
Battery Lift Magnets
Part No.Working Load Limit (lbs) Battery Required (Deep Cycle 12V) WattsWd. (in)Ln. (in) Ht. (in) Bail Ht. (in) Bail Wd. (in) Weight with Battery (lbs)
BLM2000 2,000 U1 - DC 64 8-3/4 8-3/4 12-3/4 2-7/16 4 77
BLM3000 3,000 22NF - HC 76 9-1/2 11-1/2 18-1/2 4-1/4 5 135
BLM5000 5,000 27DC or 27DCM 80 8 16-3/4 19-1/4 4-1/4 5 225
BLM11000 11,000 27DC or 27DCM 160 10-1/4 48 22-9/16 4-3/4 6 500
BLM11500 11,000 27DC or 27DCM 160 17-3/4 30 22-1/8 4-3/4 6 500

Note: BLM Holding Values are stated at 50% of the actual value for a 2 to 1 design factor. BLM's are not intended to be used as scrap handling magnets. Picking up several pieces of steel at once is not recommended and may result in serious injury or property damage. Never stand under load being lifted. Always use extra caution. Only use magnetic lifts on material that does not flex or bend. The surface of the lift, and the load being lifted, need to be clean and free of chips, oil, slag, dirt, etc. Lifting magnets must be centered on load. You must have 100% coverage on a flat surface to operate the magnet. Not recommended for painted or finish coated surfaces.

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