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Partner Login Terms Of Service

All material behind our Partner Login is copyrighted and we ask that you do not modify any images, verbage or technical information and that you do not use our information without referencing Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

For distribution and sales channels, Industrial Magnetics, Inc. does offer customized literature request services. We do ask that you allow us to customize the materials ourselves to ensure that we can verify the materials being presented are true and current.

Because our product line is vastly changing, all technical information and product photos are up-to-date at the time of publication. We strive to keep all information throughout the company as fresh as possible, but dated information will be found at times.

Our Partner Login is a priveleged tool and improper use of our restricted areas will result in account removal and possible further action in accordance to the severity of the conflict. Being said, Industrial Magnetics Inc. retains the right to remove any user at anytime from our Partner Login regardless of reason.

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